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Top 10 Questions For Your First BJJ Class

  • What the difference between Jiu-Jitsu and other martial arts?
    iu-jitsu is designed to empower the weak against the strong and there are no physical prerequisites to get started. Literally ANYONE can learn jiu-jitsu especially when taught the Gracie way!
  • Do I need to be in shape?
    No, we love you exactly how you are. You don't get in shape to learn jiu-jitsu, you do jiu-jitsu to get in shape!
  • What should I wear?
    Just show up in comfortable workout attire. No special training equipment or protective gear is required.
  • Do I need to bow and call someone sensei?
    No. We operate on a first-name basis and a handshake
  • Can I bring my own water bottle and where can I store it?
    Yes, you can bring a water bottle and store it near the edge of the mat.
  • Who will I practices with?
    As a first-time student, we will pair you up with a slightly more experienced student who can answer your questions and help guide your learning throughout the class.
  • Will I get injured or embarrassed?
    If you get injured or embarrassed you won't come back. Everything about our beginner programs was specifically designed to make the classes as safe and encouraging for new students as possible.
  • Can I bring a friend to class?
    Yes. Referrals are our number one source of business. Jiu-jitsu is so fun and addictive that people can't help but talk about it to their friends. Feel free to bring a friend to any beginner class you attend!
  • How will my first class go?
    It will be the best class of your life. if any of your questions remain unanswered, contact us and we'll be get back to you right away. Otherwise, click bellow to sign up for your two week free trial today!

The world is falling in love with jiu-jitsu because it works! If you're still on the fence, here are the answers to the 10 most common questions asked by first-time students:

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